What I’ve been working on….Xugar Kulture

Hi friends,

I’m so excited to share my new venture and project I’ve been working on. It’s still in the early stages but I can’t wait when it launches.

As some of you know, I had a T-shirt line under Moreno-boutique online store. I used to do pop up stores overseas in Japan. Since moving back to the U.S.A, I put a hold on my business to get situated into our new home and lifestyle.

Fast forward to 3 months later and I’ve collaborated with a great friend and designer of mine name Jackie Montes also known as Jax for short. She also had a boutique of reselling boutique fashion clothing with accessories. She created the name Xugar Kulture and I fell in love with it. Plus, who doesn’t like the sugar skull.

Fast forward to 4 months, we both got together to talk about our business ventures and how we needed to revamp our own. I remember mentioning, let’s get together with our businesses. We both have a lot going on and a few weeks went by with both of us wanting more and bam! We both agreed to join our two ventures together.

We are combining, Moreno-boutique with Xugar Kulture. We just decided to keep Xugar Kulture because there’s a meaning behind it. I’ll post a blog about it later.

Hope you all will keep up with our clothing line. We are picking out fabrics and designing. So stay tuned! You don’t want to miss this.

Your friend