How to create your own hustle on the side

As a Military Spouse and Veteran, I always feel compelled in helping the younger version of myself. It’s been quite difficult for myself to maintain a career while moving around every 3 to 4 years. I’ve done this for 17 years now. It’s not fun at all. So that’s why I decided to give military spouses or veterans or whoever needs it, a nudge on their shoulders. Come on, let’s do this! Create your own hustle. You’ll thank your older self later.

First off, I’ll make a checklist so you know what to do, this all takes time. I don’t care how many bloggers tell you it’s easy and it’s fast to earn money. It can be but most military spouse dont have all this time to spend on being online and marketing. And if you do then you’ll see results sooner than later, but just know it takes time. But get yourself started. Don’t wait another 1-2 years from now, by then you will be more successful. So go on and start your blog.