Erin Condren Life Planner

Hey friends,

So I have to talk about getting ready for the New Years. With the whole planning for a New Years resolution and all, I had to order my new planner. Yes I know, I am the type to carry a planner everywhere and you should too. It helps keep yourself organized and make sure you don’t forget things. Plus, you can plan out your weeks and days on there. I personally like my lifetime planner because you can use it to plan out meals, workouts, business and social media post all in one calendar. I love it!


I went to the Erin Condren website right now and they have free shipping when you spend over $50 dollars. I always buy this one below. It’s called the Life Planner-Life In Little squares because I can add my own pictures.

You can also customize your planner to be horizontal, vertical or hourly when your customizing your weekly spread. I usually buy the vertical option. I’ll show you below what I mean.

Horizontal spread


Vertical spreadHourly spread

If you want to purchase you can always use my referral code.

Or purchase by going to her site

Here’s how I order mine in simple directions:

  • Go to her main menu on
  • Select life planner & Books
  • Click on Lifeplanner
  • Build your own planner
  • Choose a planner-this is where I look for the life in little squares lifeplanner
  • Customize- if you selected life in little squares
  • Choose weekly spread-hourly, vertically or horizontal.
  • Choose your color theme- colorful or neutral( I choose colorful because I like color)
  • Choose calendar option- 12 months or 1 1/2 year. It will tell you what years they will have. Pay close attention. I choose 12 months it’s easier to remind myself to buy another one
  • Click personalize
  • Choose cool color-platinum, gold, rose gold, or black. I choose platinum
  • Choose your colorway-let the designer pick
  • Personalize your cover-first and last name.
  • Pictures- it will have a red box around the picture tiles. Just like this.
  • Click on a tile and you’ll get an option to add pictures either through your phone or Instagram or Facebook. It’s pretty neat. I usually just save my pictures on my phone and upload from there.
  • Once pictures are all uploaded- click on the preview refresh button at the top of the page.

You’ll be able to preview your cover.

Your done and can check out. I love my customized photos on my planner. I usually put a picture of things I did the previous year so I can outdo my next year. People always compliment my planner. I love it! And so will you.

Enjoy friends!

Cynthia Moreno